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Twitter Schools INFOWARS Editor on Orwell: Critical Linking, September 6

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Watson appeared to forget (or didn’t realize) that Orwell himself actually fought fascists in the Spanish Civil War, and even wrote Homage to Catalonia about his experience.

Historical researcher Mike Stuchbery, who teaches the history of the 1936-1939 conflict to children in schools, was quick to remind Watson that Orwell was “as ‘Antifa’ as it gets.”

Do you even know Orwell?

An upcoming film based on the afro-futurist novel Brown Girl in the Ring by Nalo Hopkinson is on the horizon.

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We told you about the film when it was being crowdfunded in 2015. It went on to become 116 percent funded.

Super excited about this!

Dhawan is happy, though, that outside resources exist to teach his daughter about gender identity.

She began to learn her way around the subject when her teacher at her Northern California charter school, Rocklin Academy Gateway, read from the book “I am Jazz,” co-written by transgender teenager Jazz Jennings. Earlier that week the teacher had told the class to refer to their classmate as a girl, by a new name.

Examining whether kindergarten should include books about being transgender.


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