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Celebrate Your Love of Nancy Drew with These Crafty Finds

I was a Nancy Drew kid. Whenever my parents took me to our neighborhood children’s bookstore (which was probably too often for the structural integrity of either my bedroom bookshelves or their bank account), I would browse the hell out of the racks filled with those mysterious, bright yellow delights.

These days, I don’t read very many Nancy Drews (alas). But I still enjoy the memories—and the aesthetics. Which is why I was delighted to find Etsy full to overflowing with crafty, charming takes on our favorite teenage detective.

Here are some of my favorite Nancy Drew gifts and finds:

Hollow Book Safe by SecretSafeBooks

If you need to hide something from the nosy Nancy Drew in your life, you might as well be delightfully meta about it.

Nancy Drew Keychain by sherrytruitt

keyring with image from nancy drew endpapers

Category ID: 914

Also meta—and also awesome—is this keychain made from the endpapers from a vintage Nancy Drew to help you avoid a burglary that would require a teen detective’s help.

Nancy Drew Cards by CharlesandSalem

cutout of line drawn people against a color photo background

By cutting out line drawings from Nancy Drew and mounting them on other images, CharlesandSalem makes vivid little cards that capture the Nancy Drew mood but also invite you to invent your own stories.

Cover for Kindle Nook or Kobo by retrograndma

kindle cover made out of nancy drew hardcoverWith this device cover, you can pretend any book you’re reading is as good as a Nancy Drew.

Mystery Solver Patch by FrogandToadPress

iron on patch with flashlight revealing words mystery solver

Show everyone that your all that childhood Nancy Drew reading paid off and now you really know what you’re doing. (Plus, it glows in the dark.)

Nancy Drew Handbag by mystuffandnonsense

handbag made out of a nancy drew book

Keep your magnifying glass, fingerprint kit, and all your other mystery-solving accessories close at hand with this Nancy Drew purse.

Share your favorite Nancy Drew gifts and finds in the comments! And for more Nancy, check out all of our posts on this literary sleuth

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