Stephen King’s PET SEMATARY House for Sale: Critical Linking, August 6

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For $255,000 the house that inspired internationally known horror writer Stephen King to write “Pet Sematary” can be yours.

The Orrington house on the River Road is where King came up with the idea for his novel about bringing the dead back to life.

If you want to live somewhere super creepy, now is your chance!

In film and TV, this sets up an incongruity: The genre hyperconsumes the narratives of people of color — which read as allegories for slavery and colonialism — yet remains starkly white in the casting of major roles, and often refuses to acknowledge race altogether. In these future worlds, classism and sexism continue to flourish. Most dystopias — Gattaca, Dark City, Code 46, THX 1138, Aeon FluxRobocop, Judge Dredd and countless other examples — render oppression solely or most prominently along class lines, perhaps as a distinct echo of Fritz Lang’s gorgeously designed Metropolis (1927).

A thoughtful examination of how dystopias don’t know how to handle race.

The farm E.B. White used to own that inspired his iconic children’s novel “Charlotte’s Web” in North Brooklin, Maine is up for sale for $3.7 million. Many of White’s historical relics and furniture have been kept in tact for decades by the current owners, who hope the subsequent owners will continue to maintain them.

In case the Stephen King house isn’t your style.

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