Books Aren’t Just For Reading: Upcycled Bookish Goodies

Books are beautiful, and people make beautiful things from them. They can be used in any number of really creative and interesting ways. Just take a look at some of the best bookish upcycling available on Etsy.

Harry Potter Rose Bouquet

Bookpage Earrings

Comic Book Bridal Bouquet

Bookpage Necklace

Bookpage Purse

Custom Book Planter

Watercolor Bookpage Coasters

Book Lamp

Farmhouse Book Wreath

Recycled Book Desk Organizer

Etsy is a great place to find supplies for your own upcycling adventures, too. And for those of you who feel uneasy about books being used as craft supplies, here’s a reminder that books, while amazing and wonderful, are not sacred objects. 

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Cassandra Neace: Cassandra Neace is a freelance writer living in Houston, TX. She'll read most any book that is put in front of her, and she'll listen to most any audiobook that doesn't have cheesy sound effects or bad background music. She can often be found at one of her local bookstores or producing any number of book-themed craft projects. Twitter: @CassandraNeace