Philip Pullman Calls for Fixed Book Prices to Save Indies: Critical Linking, August 2, 2017

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Renowned writer Philip Pullman has called for a reintroduction of a minimum price for books to protect independent bookshops, calling them “the lantern bearers of civilisation”. But while the Booksellers Association thinks the suggestion should be considered, the Publishers Association has argued that ‘there is no prospect” of it happening and instead believes different measures are needed.

It’s a nice thought, but…

Umar Bukhari, who felt books about his native Pakistan relied on stereotypes, wrote a tale about a Pakistani child who wanted to win a race. Jeton T. Sylaj wrote about two Albanian-American brothers, one of whom uses a wheelchair, who go to the park and learn how people overcome physical limitations. AnnDenise Acquah wrote about two Ghanaian boys — one rich, the other a servant — whose friendship is shattered when the rich boy betrays his friend.

Really neat profile on class where students write children’s books, “drawing upon their lives to offer a point of view often lacking in those literary genres.”

When October Hamilton writes what she did last summer, she can truthfully say she kept kids in her community reading by saving the Bookmobile.

“We have no library. The Bookmobile is our only book source,” she said.

When the Carbon County Commission voted to cut funding to the Bookmobile, the avid reader jumped into action.

This girl! What a champion.

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