Bookish Goods For Bunny Fanatics

I have a rabbit, and his name is Rocket.

Rocket, however, is a book chewer. To that end, I often refer to him as Simon and Chewster.

Despite the fact he destroys reading material, he’s a great bunny with a personality that’s full of humor. He is a literal funny bunny.



I know I’m not alone in my love of rabbits and of books, so I present to those who fall in the middle of that Venn Diagram: bookish goods for bunny lovers.

I’ve included some of our well-known literary rabbits, of course.



Rabbit tote bag, $26 and up.



Rabbit book locket necklace, $30.99.



Velveteen Rabbit print, $11.99.



Bunny book plates, $12 and up.



White Rabbit/Alice in Wonderland hair clip, $12.



Rocket bunnies notebook, price not listed.



Rabbits and Books and Tea print, $10.08 and up.



Bunny decorative book, $12.



MC Hippity Hop print on a dictionary page, $9.99.



Alice in Wonderland scarf featuring The White Rabbit, $39.



Customized rabbit book covers (which are on top of three classic children’s books), $70.



Bunny bookmark, $10.



Book letter in the shape of a rabbit, $8.



White rabbit book pouch, $14.78 and up.



Runaway Bunny wood blocks, $16.



Lucky rabbit notebook, $20.



Vintage brass rabbit bookends (only one set available), $160.



A good book watercolor print, $20 and up.



Pattern for rabbit book folding project, $3.36.



Rabbit book ends, $23.95.



Velveteen Rabbit/Library Card print, $12 and up.



Soft journal with rabbit cover, $34.59 and up.



Peter Rabbit pendant (only one available), $15.



Down the rabbit hole candle, $11.42.



Vintage rabbit button (only one available), $2.69.



Bunnyophile digital art print, $8 and up.



I Love Story Time bunny tote bag, $18.50.



Rabbit book plates, $3.30.



Rabbit metal bookmark, $2.


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