Kickstart This: The First All-Trans Comics Anthology

The representation of trans people in the media has steadily increased over the last few years, but finding trans stories in comic books is remarkably hard. A new anthology containing only trans creators and stories promises to start closing this representation gap.

We’re Still Here, edited by Tara Avery and Jeanne Thorton, promises to have fifty-five stories by fifty-five different writers and illustrators. The anthology will contain both fiction and non-fiction stories, and is being crowdfunded on Kickstarter. A remarkable sampling of stories is listed in the Kickstarter page:

  • An evening discussing the terrors of Donald Trump at a Japanese bar for trans men
  • A trans woman uses MDMA (with complex results)
  • A trans woman visits her grandmother for Christmas (with complex results)
  • Visual essay on sex work, trans masculinity, and testosterone
  • A practical guide to using paganism to navigate workplace terror
  • Trans women pilot giant robots with impeccable synch ratios
  • Toxic masculinity haunts a friendship between a butch lesbian and trans man
  • A devotional essay about angels beyond gender or understanding
  • Two trans women named Sweetness and Lightning blow up a car, watch Akira, and live happily ever after

In addition to adding trans representation to the comics genre, this anthology looks really, really cool. They even have a short sample of the stories in gray scale (the printed paperback will be printed in full color) that you can peruse before you decide to back the project for a copy.

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