Get You Some Ice Cream To Go With That Book

It’s sooooooo hotttttttt. It’s so hot. I accidentally read that article about how long we have left before the earth burns up and

I don’t

Stop ruining nice weather for me, science. Gonna ignore some reality real quick with book and ice cream pairings.

Food In Literature has some easy-peasy ones that you can make yourself, since they’re just mix-ins for vanilla. Like this Bread and Jam for Frances ice cream with literal bread and jam in it

or this Treasure Island rum and raisin…because of pirates…and rum.

Quirk Books did a round-up of ‘Ice Cream Flavors Inspired By Books’ and they are both delicious-looking and EXCELLENT puns. Berry Potter and the Container of Secrets! (Now with 10% more chocolate frogs!)

A Clockwork Orange Creamiscle!

Whirled War Z! (That pun is so so good.)

This nifty Pick an Ice Cream, Get a Book Recommendation from Epic Reads lets you click on an ice cream and provides you with a related book title! Black Sesame soft serve gets you Leigh Bardugo’s brilliant Six of Crows but you’ll have to click through the rest yourself, no spoilers.

I said no.

If cold treats on a stick are more your jam, please pretend to eat these literary figure popsicles, which are tragically not at all real or purchasable in stores.


What’s your favorite doomsday-weather treat to eat with a book?

Bundle (up) with bookish leggings + 2 pairs of socks for $30 and spend the snuggly season in literary style.