7 Literary Weddings That Will Melt Your Bookish Heart

WARNING! Adorableness, happiness, and literariness ahead!

We’ve featured some really cool weddings in the past, like this Night Circus themed wedding, but I think it’s time to check out a whole bunch more! Bring on all weddings with literary and / or bookish themes and / or touches! I want them all! Or seven. Let’s stick with seven.

This Library Wedding Inspiration isn’t real and I didn’t want to include it but then I looked at it and it is so cute! Look at those retro nerds! Look at all those perfect details! There’s nothing here but incredible, adorable, nerdy bookishness. And I approve of this fake wedding – or, shall we call it an “alternative wedding?”

This wedding at the St. Paul Library is maybe the coolest thing I’ve ever seen, other than everything else I’ve seen in these literary weddings you’re in the middle of reading about. It would have been easy to go super-over-the-top with this one (not that there’s anything wrong with that . . . ) but the fact that it’s being held in an incredible library is enough bookishness for most people. They added a few additional touches here and there, like these adorable save the date announcements.


From the card catalog as décor to this beautiful vintage Underwood typewriter holding the direction for their guest book (guest Bible?) this Vintage Romance Wedding is just charming as all get out.


Egads, how do I pick my favorite thing from this Eclectic Literature Themed Wedding? That tie is A+ amazing but these “in case of cold feet” socks from Out of Print are making my heart explode. But what about that sign directing me to Oz, Narnia, Wonderland, etc.? It’s just all so fantastic.


If you want to get intense “how are there so many beautiful people in the same place” envy then I highly recommend you check out this literary wedding at the George Peabody Library. It’s a good thing I’m not writing a snarky post because that wedding would leave me nothing to snark about. It is seriously flawless, right down to the socks on the groomsmen.


This Pennsylvania Literary Wedding has BONUS! Dr. Who nerdery going on, plus paper flowers that are made from the pages of Harry Potter books, scrapbooks, comic books, and other papers. On point guys, y’all are on point.

Finally, we have this wedding held at one of my all-time favorite libraries: The Harold Washington Library in Chicago. We’ve got pictures of the bride and groom smooching in the stacks, beautiful bookish center pieces – the works.

So there we go – seven of the most beautiful literary weddings to set your heart a flutter.

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