100 of Readers’ Favorite Comics and Graphic Novels: Critical Linking, July 13, 2017

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This isn’t meant as a comprehensive list of the “best” or “most important” or “most influential” comics, of course. It’s a lot more personal and idiosyncratic than that, because we asked folks to name the comics they loved. That means you’ll find enormously popular mainstays like Maus and Fun Home jostling for space alongside newer work that’s awaiting a wider audience (Check Please, anyone?).

This is such a fun round-up of reader-loved comics from NPR!

The Newberry Library in Chicago is inviting nerds across the world to help them live out a horror movie plot by transcribing a bunch of early modern texts that “deal with magic—from casting charms to conjuring spirits.” This can only end in an accidental demon summoning, and I am here. for. that.

If you feel like summoning the dark lord this summer, here’s your chance.

DuVernay plucked 14-year-old Reid from thousands of hopefuls across the country to play teen protagonist Meg, who travels the cosmos with her younger brother, Charles Wallace (Deric McCabe), and unlocks her inner warrior along the way. “She’s got the sweetest, warmest heart, and all that I saw every day was just a further blossoming of the good that is Storm Reid,” the director gushes. “She’s appropriately named. She’s a force.”

Take a first look at Oprah in the upcoming adaptation of A Wrinkle in Time.

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