What is Your Reading Personality?: Today in Critical Linking

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Ok, here are a few cool things to keep you occupied on this July Saturday…


  1. First up, take a quiz to see what your reading personality is. Explorer? Escapist? English Major?Our quiz (and corresponding class) presents nine distinct reading personalities. Readers, this isn’t a rigorous scientific tool. But having spent so long over the past few year years wading through more than a dozen personality frameworks, I’ve found the most powerful thing about a good framework is it gives you fresh eyes to see yourself, and to see the people around you.
  2. Explore Jane Austen using data analysis.Traditional literary approaches to Austen have long focused on this aspect of her work: “the incongruities between pretence and essence, between the large idea and the inadequate ego,” as the critic Marvin Mudrick put it. A look at passages where words like very are used frequently often finds the stated meaning conceivably at odds with the real one, the exaggeration subtly inviting doubt.
  3. Get lost in random book discovery

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