A Detroit Doctor Who fan built a replica TARDIS library for his neighborhood: Today in Critical Linking

Critical Linking today is sponsored by Fata Morgana by Steven R. Boyett and Ken Mitchroney:


A bookish potpourri for your Saturday browsing in today’s Critical Linking:


  1. Appreciate the poetry of a Tardis that is a library:

    The library is a life-sized replica of the time traveling Doctor’s famous time machine. DanZemke explained that he wanted to do something with the empty lot across the street from his home in Detroit, and decided to construct a free library that combined two of his passions: the BBC television show and reading.

  2. Remember that public libraries do much more than lend books:

    Long viewed as guardians of safe spaces for children, library staff members like Kowalski have begun taking on the role of first responder in drug overdoses. In at least three major cities — Philadelphia, Denver and San Francisco — library employees now know, or are set to learn, how to use the drug naloxone, usually known by its brand name Narcan, to help reverse overdoses.

  3. Acknowledge that a Golden Snitch Fidget Spinner was probably inevitable:

    The Golden Snitch, made famous by the fictitious (now real maybe) game of Quidditch from the Harry Potter universe, has been reborn in fidget spinner form.

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