5 Delightful and Quirky Etsy Shops for Bibliophiles

Even in my accessories, I find myself drawn most toward things that reflect the stuff I love–which is largely books.

Lucky for me, the internet as a wide mix of offerings when it comes to literary swag. But none of it is quite like the eclectic and handcrafted shops of Etsy.

Here are a few of the best Etsy stores for literary accessories.

Obvious State

This shop features gorgeous black and white illustrations of some of the most lovely quotes from authors. I fell in love with these guys early and collected  few of their framed posters to display in my office.

Since then, the shop has expanded into mugs, and even more delightfully, tote bags.

Castle on the Hill

This artist creates darling illustrations on top of pages of literary works, so that the print becomes the background.

Specifically, she recreates characters and simple scenes from works of Jane Austen, as well as retro illustrations of Paris in the 1950s. And some mermaids, just because.

Uneek Doll Designs

For those who have ever thought, “It’s really great to own every single work by Anna Akhmatova, but if only I had a doll of her.”

So, all of us.

This shop lives up to its name, crafting adorably styled doll versions of a wide range of authors, from Sylvia Plath and Sigmund Freud to many more lesser knowns.

There are also sections for women in history, fictional characters, and more to celebrate artists, royalty/rules, celebrities and beloved figures of all kinds.

Werther and Gray

Looking to capture the scent of Witch Hunt, or capture the mood of the the Boston Tea Party in your home? Lucky you, this is just the spot.

From Old Battlefield to Gothic Cathedral, these quirky candles bring a sense of dark whimsy to scenting your home, and will also maybe help set the scene as you read. Some also feature specific historic figures, including Edgar Allen Poe and Nikola Tesla.

Possibly your only way to discover what “Pre-Raphaelite” smells like.

House of Ismay

I’ve never been a brooch person, but this shop has me seriously reconsidering.

For either this is the shop to turn to. House of Ismay specializes in creating brooches themed to literary works, combining meaningful passages from the manuscript with relevant silhouettes.

For example, a passage from To Kill a Mockingbird is crafted into a bird shape, Sherlock Holmes into a pipe, The Metamorphosis into a beetle. No matter how quirky the shapes get, the results are always darling.

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