20,000 Libraries Participate in World’s Largest Book Club: Critical Linking, June 13, 2017

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From June 12-26, thousands of readers around the world will borrow the historical fiction eBook, The Other Einstein, by visiting their local library’s digital collection website or biglibraryread.com. More than 20,000 public libraries worldwide are participating. Big Library Read is facilitated by OverDrive, the leading platform for eBooks and audiobooks from the library.

Twenty thousand. They might have to pick up more wine and snacks.

“The idea of purchasing a season’s or a year’s worth of books seemed like an interesting way to structure thinking about a customer’s relationship to the store,” Haskell said recently. At Blue Hill Books, C.S.B. members can purchase a “share” for a thousand dollars—or partial shares for two hundred or five hundred dollars—and draw on that credit to buy books throughout the year. “It’s not a donation; it’s not an investment,” Sichterman explained. It’s more of a “gift certificate for yourself.”

Now hear me out…what if we create a combined CSA/CSB where you get fresh produce and books?

A 12-year-old Massachusetts girl used what she learned about creating a tourniquet from The Hunger Games to rescue her friend.

When the apocalypse arrives, surround yourself with bookish people.



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