11 Bookish Items for Your Baby Registry

Hands down, the best part of creating a baby registry is the opportunity to indoctrinate your offspring with your passion for books. That, and diaper rash cream, which really can be used for anything. There’s nothing cuter than a brand-new, tiny human professing an early love of literature, and a clever, book-inspired onesie actually does make the sleep-deprivation more manageable. Here are some essential bookish items for your baby registry for creating the next generation of bibliophiles.

  1. So My Story Begins Onesie: The perfect gift for a future writer.
  2. Harry Potter Mobile: Keep the littlest muggle entertained with this wizard-themed crib mobile.
  3. Semicolon Swaddle Blanket: Because it’s never too early to introduce punctuation to your children.         
  4. Future Book Nerd Onesie: We can only hope.
  5. Literary Bibs: If you’re not already drooling over these bookish bibs, guaranteed your baby will.                 
  6. Harry Potter Onesie: For the most magical of pint-size mischief-makers.                                                                                                
  7. Jane Austen Travel Quote Pacifier: Seeking adventure: Near and far.                                                           
  8. Velveteen Rabbit Storybook Blanket: Perfect for baby snuggles and happy endings.
  9. Plot Twist Onesie: Surprise! 
  10. Protagonist BibAlways helpful to identify the principal character in a new story.                                                             
  11. Where The Wild Things Are Night LightLet the wild rumpus start!                                                       



Bonus: If you happen to make it to Denver, definitely drop by Fiction Beer Company, an excellent family-friendly book-themed brewery. While you’re there, check out the merchandise- their Fiction Beer Company onesie (below) was one of my favorite unexpected baby shower gifts!

What are your recommendations for bookish items for your baby registry?


Erin Burba: When Erin Burba was ten, she was grounded for trying to read while riding her bike. She is a lifelong bibliophile who embarks upon obsessive reading binges on subjects ranging from polygamous cults to Helen Keller. When not working or reading, she can be found hiking, watching Jeopardy!, and searching for the perfect fruit snack. She lives in Denver, CO with her husband and son. Follow her on Twitter @erinkseals.