The Underground Forest Library in China: Today in Critical Linking

Sponsored by Bloomsbury, publisher of The Possible by Tara Altebrando.


Some bookish links for your Saturday consideration:

  1. Behold The Underground Forest in Shanghai, China:What kind of place can attract residents? Conference, reading room, children’s library, gallery, audio-visual room? Or the combination of them?
  2. See the history of gender inequality in New York Times Bestsellers:By taking the set of books that made it onto the list each year and looking at the gender of the authors, we can track the changing relationship between author gender and commercial success.
  3. Ponder what kind of books you would find at the Brautigan Library:More than 300 physical manuscripts, all unpublished, are currently housed in the Brautigan Library at the Clark County Historical Museum in Vancouver, Washington.
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