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25+ Bookish Candles to Create The Perfect Reading Mood

Many of us have rituals when it comes to reading. We have a certain blanket we read under. A certain chair or space on the couch. Perhaps a drink or a snack we enjoy settling in with.

Some of those rituals might even involve lighting a candle to really set the perfect mood and tone for reading.



Whether or not your ritual does include books, perhaps you’d like to create a mood that’s more literary with a sweet bookish candle. Here’s a round-up of some of the creative, book and lit themed candles to help light up your reading life (YES, I went there).


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Gatsby’s Green Light, $18.



Steampunk Fiction, $9.34 and up.



Sherlock’s 221B, $10.68 and up.


Leather Bound Books, $15.



A Mad Tea Party, $10 and up.



No. 20 Spine, $18 and up.



Lady Macbeth, $14.



Embers, $11.



Aged Page, $30.



Set of Hogwarts Candles, $15.99.



Bridge to Terabithia (Wild Currant & Sandalwood), $12.



Bookworm Scent, $14.



English Library, $11.30.



Arabian Nights, $18.



Antique Novels, $14.



Rivendell, $16.



Matilda’s Library Card, $13.



Lion on a Book, $13.35.



New Paperback, $18.



Groot, $13.99.



The Beast’s Library, $16.



Book Nerd, $18.



The Outsiders, $4.50.



The Sorting Hat, $15.



And finally, a book candle holder, $24.95.

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