The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is Hiring a Librarian: Today in Critical Linking

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  1. Is this the coolest librarian job in the United States?
    If you love this song, but do not relate to it in the slightest, we might have the job for you: the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is currently looking for a librarian.

    The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, or “Rock Hall,” is best known for their annual selection of new inductees. But the museum also boasts an incredibly comprehensive library and archive chock full of scholarship and memorabilia, from photonegatives of Aretha Franklin in the studio to Jimi Hendrix’s handwritten ‘Purple Haze’ lyric sheet to a full drawer of Kid Rock posters.

  2. Do you think the thieves knew what they had? Were they after it specifically?

    These are no ordinary words, scrawled by the hand of an ordinary author: They’re a brief prequel to the “Harry Potter” series written by J.K. Rowling, and their theft prompted the police in central England to call on Friday for the return of the stolen manuscript.

    The card was taken last month during a burglary in Birmingham, England, the West Midlands Police said in a statement that asked for anyone with information about the theft to contact them.

  3. Is the battle between digital and print just one part of a larger war of online versus brick and mortar?

    In 2016, e-tailers were able to hold onto their share of overall unit sales despite the decline in e-book purchases by slightly increasing their share of print book unit sales to approximately 30%. Sales of print books through bookstores slipped slightly, but bookstores still commanded about 40% of print unit purchases in 2016.

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