50 Best Indie Bookstores in America: Critical Linking, May 1, 2017

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If the mere mention of book odor makes you want to sprint into the shop around the corner, your timing couldn’t be better. April 29 is Independent Bookstore Day, and in honor of the occasion, we asked people across the HuffPost newsroom to nominate a few stores they’ve grown to love over the years. After days of waxing poetic, we came up with a mega-list of incredible indie bookstores that are alive, well and deserving of your patronage on this most holy of literary holidays.

Behold, 50 of the best indie bookstores in America.

I like using these sorts of lists to plan road trips I probably won’t go on.

Conservative MP Philip Davies complained to the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) that the Jhalak Prize unlawfully discriminated against white people, it has emerged. However the Commission told him it “supports and recommends” the prize.

The £1,000 literary award was founded last year by author Sunny Singh and Nikesh Shukla to “celebrate the achievements of British writers of colour” after two reports showed the publishing industry was at risk of becoming irrelevant unless its commitment to diversity improved.

You mad, Phil?

For decades now fans of ‘The Vampire Chronicles’ have been clamoring for a long-form television adaptation of this galaxy of content. Just a glance at the libraries of these two innovative, groundbreaking companies makes clear why they’re perfectly suited to granting this wish.

Ohhhh yes will watch.

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