Phryne Fisher Gets a Movie Trilogy: Critical Linking, April 27, 2017

Today’s Critical Linking is sponsored by Renegade’s Pride by B.J. Daniels.

The Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries movie officially has a script and title! Every Cloud Productions, the studio behind the TV show, took to Facebook yesterday to share a photo of series stars Essie Davis (Phryne) and Nathan Page (Jack) holding copies of the script.

This is very exciting.

Juliette Ferrars’ story is far from over! Tahereh Mafi, who first introduced readers to the character in her bestselling Shatter Me series, will be continuing her adventures in a new three-book arc, EW can announce exclusively.

Restore Me, Mafi’s latest novel in the series, will follow the new Supreme Commander as she attempts to lead Sector 45 with Warner at her side. But when tragedy strikes, Juliette will be tested, leading her to see if she can use her ability (to kill with a single touch) after all.


Despite the fact that Elisabeth was seemingly taking a nod from Hillary Clinton’s “Women’s rights are human rights” mantra, the comments of the cast did not sit will with fans, many of whom (understandably) see this story as women fighting back against oppression, something that is inherently feminist. And it’s worth noting that “feminism” is not a dirty word, or something to shy away from. It’s something that should be embraced, as it is essential to the fight for the future.

The cast of The Handmaid’s Tale Hulu adaptation deny that the story is a feminist one (that’s just objectively incorrect), fans are not happy, etc.

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