Book Beau: A Water and Stain-Resistant Sleeve for Your Books on Kickstarter

Do you always have a book with you wherever you go? Chuck it in a handbag or backpack, so you always have just-in-case reading material? I know I do. And because my books are sometimes fairly well-travelled, I’ve learnt to accept that they will not always be in mint condition. Covers will get tears, spines get dented, food and drink will be spilled… I once spilled chicken noodle soup on a book and it was never the same again. I’m not super upset about the chicken noodle soup book, but there are definitely books I want to keep as nice as I can, but still want to be able to take them everywhere.

There’s a great new project on Kickstarter right now that can help with that, if you’d rather your books not look as well-travelled or be accidentally destroyed: Book Beau.

Book Beau is a water and stain resistant sleeve, similar to covers you can get for electronic devices like laptops, tablets, and e-readers. You slip your book into the Beau, pop it into your handbag or backpack, and no longer need to worry about pages getting misshapen or stains from a leaky tube of moisturiser.

The sleeves come in three different sizes, beautiful fabrics, and will keep the books safe that you’d rather not spill chicken soup all over. It’s received some pretty great reviews from early customers, and the Kickstarter ends this Friday. Visit the website for photos of prototypes and more about the project. The project is already fully funded, but there are more new fabrics that will be unlocked if more money is pledged. If you want to support this project and nab yourself some pretty sleeves to protect those precious books, head on over to Kickstarter and check out Book Beau.

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Jen Sherman: Jen is an urban and cultural geographer. She recently submitted her PhD on public libraries as reading infrastructure and is finally finding time to read again for fun. She also recently moved from Sydney, Australia to sunny California and is realising the importance of the Baby-Sitters Club, Anastasia Krupnik and Ramona Quimby to her understanding of American culture. As a researcher, her interests are in libraries, book retailing, and the book industry (among others). As a reader, she’s a sucker for happily-ever-afters. Twitter: @jennnigan