Just My Type: Typewriter Gifts & Goods For You & Your Domain

We’re all about books here at Book Riot, and sometimes, we’ll extend our reach to items which are, as we like to say, “book adjacent.” That means language and punctuation and grammar and journals and writing and, well, in the case of this post, typewriters.

Because books have to come from somewhere. Or, well, books once came from that somewhere called a typewriter and it’s hard not to love the aesthetic value of those old charming machines.


I recently acquired my first vintage typewriter. It works, but it’s less about being a useful tool and more about being a piece of shelving decor in my home. It’s a gray Royal and looks fantastic on the middle shelf of one of the book cases in my living room.

And, like with my love of ampersands, I see my need to acquire a few more typewriter gifts and goods as one I’ll need to satiate sooner, rather than later.

If you’re a lover of the typewriter, then this round-up of typewriter gifts and goods will strike all the right keys.

(Yes, I went there).


Typewriter throw pillow, $23.17 and up.



Typewriter A-line skirt, $49.



Floral typewriter print, $25.


Wooden typewriter necklace, $18.02.


Typewriter notecard, $3.22 (pro-tip: one of my favorite home decorations is notecards and/or postcards put inside inexpensive frames — they are unique and cost-efficient).



Shift key, back space earrings, $14.95.



Typekey pouch, $12.



Giant typewriter magnet, $5.50.



Coffee cozy, $28 and up.



Typewriter onesie, $26.



Typewriter coaster set, $20.



Typewriter embroidery kit, $16.55.



Typewriter wall decal, $34 and up.



Blue typewriter fabric, $10.50 and up.



iPhone 5/6/7 typewriter case, $22.



Typekey scarf, $20.



Vintage washi tape, $3.90.



Typewriter mug, $16.



Typewriter cross body bag, $44.



Typewriter stamp, $30 and up.



Typewriter stickers, $2.



Birds on a vintage typewriter, $25.95.




Typekey bookmark, $9.01.



Typewriter lampshade, $32.18 and up.



Typewriter notepad, $10.



Antique typewriter duvet, $229.99 and up.



Typewriter cufflinks, $9.88 and up.



Typewriter enamel pin, $5.37.



Typewriter scrapbook paper, $.69.


Typewriter print on an old dictionary page, $8 and up.



Typewriter photo art, $15.



Coptic typewriter notebook, $16.95.



Typewriter dress, $80.

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