Celebrate Beverly Cleary’s Birthday in Sweet Style

You may recall that last year was Beverly Cleary’s 100th birthday. We did a nice round-up of 100 things about Cleary in honor of the tremendous milestone. One of my personal goals for this summer is to revisit all of the Ramona books, in part because I can’t remember much of them from my youth and in part because I have a suspicion they’ll be a reading experience that’s far different than the one I had with Little House on the Prairie. I’ve been told that these books have aged far better and will remain solid staples for generations to come.

Today marks the 101st birthday of the beloved children’s author, and it seemed only fitting to serve up a selection of great bookish goods you can own that pay homage to Beverly Cleary and the legacy she’s left us.


Upcycled vintage Ribsy notebook, $16.



Book ornament featuring the pages of Dear Mr. Henshaw, $5 and up.



Card catalog entry, featuring painting of Socks, $12.



Ramona poster (in the style of The Ramones), $10.



Ralph S. Mouse watercolor, $10.



Painting of Shelley in Pink, inspired by The Luckiest Girl, $50.



Beverly Cleary onesie, $18.



Block Beverly Cleary quote, $22.



Journal made from Socks, $10.



Ramona Quimby children’s tee, $14.50.

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