Virginia Town to Transform into World of Harry Potter: Critical Linking, April 10, 2017

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The local community event planning group is appropriately named the Roanoke Ministry of Magic. Working with local vendors, restaurants, and other community groups, these hard-working individuals are responsible for bringing the Harry Potter vision to life.

Yes, there will be Quidditch.

However, Harper’s Bazaar‘s Julie Kosin noted a glaring issue: all eight episodes are set to be directed by male director Saverio Costanzo. While Costanzo has a strong background in directing, as Kosin pointed out, the decision to hire him as director continues the industry’s culture of pushing aside female directors and goes against many of the book’s themes.

A male director for Ferrante’s My Brilliant Friend, a book about gender inequality and female friendships? Well. Ok. 

In a possible first in the country, HarperCollins Publishers India (HCI) will be granting “pawternity leave” to employees who are adopting a pet. Starting this year, they will be entitled to a week’s — or 5 working days’ — paid leave if they have just adopted a cat, dog or other type of pet they fancy.



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