$100 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway: Romance Edition

We’re skipping a mailbag giveaway this week (where we pick 10 books from our incoming book mail to give to one reader) because we want to focus on romance readers and, well, you’ve all probably already read the things I have to give you! Instead, we’re simply giving away a $100 gift card to Amazon so you can pick the latest Courtney Milan, next book in that steamy erotica series you’re reading, or…basically whatever you want!

To enter, just use the form below to sign up for our biweekly romance newsletter, Kissing Books! Kissing Books is about all things Romancelandia: new releases, backlist recommendations, adaptation news, what your favorite authors are up to, and more. If you’ve already signed up for the newsletter, no worries: just sign up here again to be entered. We erase duplicates, so you won’t get two.

Entries are open worldwide and will be accepted until 11:59pm, Sunday, April 16th. The winner will be randomly selected.

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