6 Sci-Fi Mugs to Drink Your Rainy Day Tea In

It finally seems that spring is here to stay.

Not that this means the bad weather is over. It just means the bad weather will be … wetter.

Which is not awesome when you have to race off to work in the morning and try to look like a professional once you get there, even though the hem of your pants are soaked and your hair is frizzing into tiny one-off curls.

But on a Saturday where there’s nowhere to be? Oh yes. I think most readers would agree, give me book and a mug of tea, and I’m all set.

Which means, my friend, you need a mug. May I recommend one of these classic science-fiction literature themed ones? Click the image to find them:

1. The obligatory on-trend The Handmaid’s Tale mug:

2. The quirky reference mug to confuse your roommates:

3. The science fiction classics mug:

4. Duh, the Harry Potter mug:

5. The HAL 9000 mug:

6. The sci-fi fan’s election year mug:

And as a bonus, this mug only a Firefly fan could love:

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