This Harry Potter-Themed Wedding is Pure Muggle Magic: Today in Critical Linking

Critical Linking is sponsored today by Black Book by James Patterson, David Ellis:


Time for a few Saturday bookish links to browse:


  1. A Contender for Most Impressive Harry Potter Wedding Ever.From BuzzFeed:

    Cindy and Matt are just a couple of gorgeous newlyweds who happened to have maybe the most stunning Harry Potter-themed wedding ever.


  2. It Margaret Atwood writing a sequel to The Handmaid’s Tale?From The Guardian:

    Now, a new audiobook version written by Atwood for Audible has a new ending, teasing a future for the characters beyond their original limit. In the book, Professor Pieixoto delivers a lecture on American history that is peppered with details about what happened to Atwood’s heroine Offred; in the new audio version we learn that a May Day rebellion was led to stop the Gileadean empire, and hints that Offred might have played a part in the resistance.


  3. Apparently that “old book smell” is much more complicated than I thought.From Atlas Obscura:

    “Since the members of the public who took part in the odor evaluation of the unlabeled book smell were not trained, they tended to come up with terms that made sense to them, but were not easy to generalize (for example, ‘my mother’s room’),” they say. “Those terms do not appear in the wheel, and range from ‘hard work for people’ to ‘Victorian garments.’”

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