The Best of Harry Potter Webcomics

Once upon a time, I was obsessed and evangelical about the Harry Potter books. I considered them sacred, I wouldn’t hear a word against them, I judged people who hadn’t read them, and anything at all from the Potterverse had me extremely excited.

That has changed. A lot of us over here at Book Riot have written posts about falling out of love with the books and deciding not to read any further fiction in the series. We’ve recognized problems and criticized some of J.K Rowling’s recent writing and stances, and I personally felt rather cheated by The Cursed Child and would like to wipe my memory clean of it.

This is where the internet can be a magical place. Harry Potter-related graphic fanfiction, ranging from webcomics to memes to captioned fanart still crops up on my various social media channels, bringing back good memories of reading the books, reminding me why exactly I loved those characters, and reviving a hint of the passion with which I loved Harry Potter. Here’s a list of my favourites:

  1. Emily’s Cartoons on Tumblr
    These ‘My Life as a Background Slytherin’ comics have recently been flooding my feeds, and has just the right amount of subtle, weird humour.
  2. Julvett on DeviantArt
    This artist creates a series of fanart/comics in the format of answers to Tumblr users’ questions to James and Lily Potter. The results range from hilarious to heartwarming.
  3. Floccinaucinihilipilification on Tumblr
    I will not reveal the number of hours I spent scrolling through this Tumblr account when I first discovered it. This absolute genius artist creates a chaotic Potterverse, and my favourite comics are where Dumbledore is a hilariously and exaggeratedly sketched asshat.
  4. Lulu Sketches on Tumblr
    This is to resurface some Dumbledore-loving’, if the previous comics made you lose all respect for him. The artist does charming, often wordless comics with our favourite characters.
  5. I’m unable to trace these down to one specific source, but there are a bunch of floating memes where Tumblr posts/comments are pasted onto screencaps from the Harry Potter movies, which I find wildly amusing. Sample:
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