Obama Plans Trip to South Pacific to Write Memoir: Critical Linking, March 28, 2017

Former President Barack Obama is planning an extended stay in the South Pacific as he begins to write his memoir about his eight years in the Oval Office, according to a new report.

Write fast, FPOTUS, because I want that book.

In May, Gaynor is coming to the Library of Congress, where she’ll perform in the Great Hall as part of the Library’s “Bibliodiscotheque,” a series of films, lectures and events celebrating the disco era, capped with — what else? — a late-night dance party in the historic Jefferson Building. All events are free and open to the public.

A disco party with Gloria Gaynor at the Library of Congress? A+ would attend.

Hachette UK has launched a new diversity initiative, a creative writing hub called The Future Bookshelf, to make publishing more accessible for writers who feel they aren’t well represented by the industry.

The initiative aims to “demystify publishing”, by guiding users of the website through the process of writing, editing, submitting and publishing, and will offer monthly tips and shareable infographics from its own authors and other experts.


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