18 Airbnbs For Anyone Who Just Loves Books and More: Critical Linking, March 12, 2017

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This generously spaced apartment is just so airy with its wide windows and classical white-panelled walls. The fireplace, writing desk, and wall of books complete the “Jane Austen reading room” feel. I also really enjoy that it comes with a minibar, so you can sip on a little whisky while you work your way through a novel.

Who else is ready to do some traveling to see these rad bookish Airbnbs?


So, I moved my reading light to a better spot and got a Kindle Paperwhite with a decent backlight. I fixed my bed so it was more comfortable for laying upright and holding a book without worrying about dropping it on my face. And I moved my TV out of my room. The TV removal alone was a huge game-changer for me. I also moved my handheld gaming systems and stopped keeping my phone near my bed so there weren’t any other temptations around when it was reading time. Now there are only a few things I can do in my room: I can read, listen to music, or sleep—that’s it. The perfect reading environment makes picking up a book your easiest choice.

Tricks for adding more reading into your life.


There is Daunt Books in London, brimming with Edwardian galleries and skylights, and EL Ateneo Grand Splendid in Buenos Aires – set in a 100-year-old theatre.

Check out the gorgeously Gothic Livraria Lello in Porto – said to have been one of JK Rowling’s inspirations for the library in her Harry Potter books.

Meanwhile, in Downtown LA, The Last Bookstore contains over 100,000 books stashed away amidst labyrinthes, tunnels and vaults.

‘What are you waiting for?’ as its website says. ‘We won’t be here forever.’

Here’s a video to make you drool.



Loganberry Books, a self-professed feminist-leaning bookstore, sells new, used and rare books. The bookstore advertises its women’s history and literature offerings as one of the strengths of its collection.

Logan said said she came up with the male-authored book flip idea herself, as a way to make a feminist point. The visual impact is even greater than she’d expected, Logan said, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

I’d love to see this done with also flipping books by white authors, regardless of gender.

(And no, there’s no commenting here about “but they buy those books so this is their fault” nor “so women should write more” because those blame the individual and ignore the staggering systematic problem of sexism).


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