10 Must-See Amazing Action Figure Photographs

Japanese photographer hotkenobi reminds us all that action figures are meant to be played with–and in this case photographed. In these stunning action figure pictures (mostly) superheroes and villains come to life, creating in many cases explosive action scenes worthy of a comic book action bubble! It’s the type of account that upon discovering it you will scroll through every single image and then wait semi-patiently for more to be posted. Which is where I am now so as I wait I selected my 10 favorite action figure photographs:

Wolverine puts his claws to good use.

Pretty sure they’re supposed to be saving the day and not playing Pokemon Go right now.

My money is on Bruce Lee.

In a shocking twist!

Grumpy Cat and Stormtrooper seems like a match made in heaven.

Stormtrooper and happy puppy not so much.

Baby Groot!

Hulk is gonna eat Antman!

Get thee the Hulk to help with recycling.



If you’re not on Instagram you can find more of Hotkenobi’s action figure photographs on Twitter.

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