The 14 People You Find in Any Book Club

Book clubs are a melting pot for all different types of readers. Today, we take a look at the various personalities I’ve come across in my book club days.

The person who hates every book they didn’t pick.


The person who is always just finishing the book as people are arriving to the discussion.



The person who never finishes and gets salty about spoilers.


The person who needs you to know they’ve read every book… ever.


The person who desperately tries to find symbolism in the most mundane details.


The person who waxes poetic about the smell of books every.damned.time.


The person who is really just there for the wine.


The person who you swear read an entirely different book.


The person who doesn’t remember a single detail about the book.


The person who will refuse to read a book based solely on the cover art.


The person who refuses to break out of their comfort zone.


The person who has been in the book club for years and wants you to acknowledge it.


The person who talks about every book… except the one being discussed.


The person who rails against ebooks, audiobooks, book-to-movie adaptations, French flaps, the general demise of the literary world.



The twist?


All of those people are me.  I am all of those people.


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