School Librarian Collects 1,000 Books for Homeless Kids: Critical Linking, February 22, 2017

Eads partnered with North Beach Elementary in a call for donations, and together the two schools have received more than 1,000 new or gently used books. Now Mary’s Place has shelves of colorful books, organized by reading level, that students can borrow overnight.

Hero of the week!

Librarians found the executive orders aimed at immigrants particularly offensive, because, as Massachusetts librarian Elizabeth McKinstry told Flock, “We are huge resources for newcomers to this country, whether it’s for connection to this country, legal resources, testing preparation, citizen tests, services like storytimes or homework help. We are there for the most vulnerable folks in our communities, people on the other side of the digital or language divide.”

Librarians are resisting.

The best things in life, it’s been said, are free. More proof: The BBC has released Colson Whitehead’s The Underground Railroad in audio form, read by “The Wire” actor Clarke Peters ― and the 10-part series is currently free to stream.



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