Spain Town Has 12 Bookstores For Less Than 200 People: Critical Linking, February 12, 2017

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Urueña is surrounded by high walls with a castle sitting by the end, and all are surrounded by wheat and grape vines. According to All That Is Interesting, the ratio of their bookstores is one to sixteen, and these people have their town registered to the International Organization of Book Towns – the only one in Spain. The same site also reported that each shop has its own unique specialty.

I want to go there.


How much do we love rereading? Let us count the ways…for those days when you just want to spend time with your favorite characters; or when you want to revisit a beloved classic; or maybe you want to brush up on a series before the next installment comes out (we’re still waiting, George R.R. Martin and Diana Gabaldon), the list goes on! Rereading is such a core part of many of our readers’ lives that having a better way to keep track of the times you’ve read a book has been your number one feature request. Starting today, that wish has been granted—no more missing out on rereads being counted for your Reading Challenge!

About time, Goodreads. Thank you!


Change your mindset about quitting. It’s one thing to quit reading a book and feel bad about it. It’s another to quit a book and feel proud of it. All you have to do is change your mindset. Just say, “Phew! Now I’ve finally ditched this brick to make room for that gem I’m about to read next.” An article that can help enable this mindset is “The Tail End,” by Tim Urban, which paints a striking picture of how many books you have left to read in your lifetime. Once you fully digest that number, you’ll want to hack the vines away to reveal the oases ahead.

Some great, straightforward tips for getting more reading into your life this year.


In an effort to highlight this new generation, we have assembled an alphabetical list of 20 notable translators under the age of 40. This was by no means an easy process—the reach of Spanish and French extends far beyond that of Hindi or Farsi, and there are far more younger translators working in European languages than in others. This list, then, is not a list of the best translators under 40, but a nod to a new generation is helping the art of translation prosper, and an acknowledgement that more languages exist in literary translation than ever before.

An ode to young, rad translators.

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