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30 Pairs of Excellent Book Earrings

I’m an earrings wearer. Every single day. I’m particular about what kind of earrings I wear and tend to stick to the same 2 or 3 pairs, generally gold or silver minimalist pieces, busting out other ones for more fancy occasions. But I never get sick of looking at fun book earrings and wishing I was the kind of person who’d wear them any time I felt like it.


Whether you’re an admirer or a wearer, these 30 bookish pairs of earrings are awesome.



Category ID: 914

Penguin Books design studs, $7.77.



Harry Potter stars, $12.



Book and tea cup, $24. 36.



Classic novels, $20.



Dragonflies from book pages, $32.55.



Notebook paper, $7.50.



Book nerd studs, $13.



Quotation marks, $14.95.



Marbled paper, $12.



Open books, $19.95.



Reading rainbow chainmail, $15.



Ampersand earrings, $15 and up.



Laser cut wood books, $15.



Falling books, $19.95.



Thing 1 and Thing 2, $9.50.



Book Stack, $19.88.



Read Books, $14.95.



Little books, $22.



I Like Big Books, $15.62.



Library carts, $19.95.



More Books, Less Sleep, $16.



Origami birds, $12.




Book stacks, $21.00 and up.



Miniature books, $5.99.



Puncutation, $6.50.




Old books stack, $9.



Text earrings, $9.97.



Open books, $10.40.



Tuxedo cats and books, $19.95.



The end, $14.95.

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