Ways to Support Authors from Countries Targeted by the Muslim Ban: Critical Linking, January 30, 2017

Today’s Critical Linking is sponsored by Wires and Nerve by Marissa Meyer.

The violence of such an executive act cannot be countered solely with art, or translation. Still, as Samah Selim notes, translation can be “a form of radical knowledge production.” We can also collaborate with, and listen to, literary voices, as well as forging supportive, enriching, properly compensated connections between writers and literary communities, thus resisiting the ban.

Resist Trump’s racist and unethical ban of Muslim immigrants and refugees by protesting, donating to the ACLU, and by supporting these authors.

A species of crab that managed to elude capture for 20 years after it was first identified from remains has become the latest real-life creature to be named after a Harry Potter character. Harryplax severus takes its name from Harry’s notorious teacher Severus Snape, who managed to keep the secret that he was a double agent working for Hogwarts headmaster Professor Dumbledore until he died.

It’s adorable!

IMHO, purchasing a book is almost always a good choice, but these seven authors are making it even better by donating a portion (or all of) of their proceeds to crucial charities that need our help.

Pretty rad.


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