POTUS on What Books Meant to Him: Critical Linking, January 17, 2017

Today’s Critical Linking is sponsored by Once We Were Sisters by Sheila Kohler.

But this is part of why it was important to pick up the occasional novel during the presidency, because most of my reading every day was briefing books and memos and proposals. And so working that very analytical side of the brain all the time sometimes meant you lost track of not just the poetry of fiction, but also the depth of fiction.

This interview with Obama is fascinating because it’s about his life as both a reader and a writer, which is a side of him we don’t see as often.

Author E L James has reportedly been in talks with theatre bosses to turn Fifty Shades of Grey into a musical.

Well. Ok.

A bestselling author himself, our reader-in-chief has followed his predecessors in recommending some great nonfiction titles, but has surprised us all by being a particularly prolific fiction reader as well. Here are some of the books he’s picked up during his time in office.

I am obviously not ready to let go of having a literate President.

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