PERCY JACKSON Author Refuses Texas Honor Over Bathroom Bill: Critical Linking, January 12, 2016

Today’s Critical Linking is sponsored by Two Days Gone by Randall Silvis.


An acclaimed children’s book author has turned down an invitation to be honored by the Texas legislature, citing a bill introduced in the state’s Senate last week that aims to control which bathrooms transgender people are allowed to use in the state.

Rick Riordan, hero of the week.

Yes, George R. R. Martin did say in a live journal comment in reference to the Winds of Winter: “I think it will be out this year.”

The only problem? He followed that statement with a pretty big “but”.


Of the 678 million visits to library and school websites, readers borrowed more eBooks (+16%) and audiobooks (+34%) from their local and school libraries digital catalog compared to last year.

Libraries continue to adapt and evolve, like the necessary spaces they are.

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