Book Recommendations for Obama and Trump: Critical Linking, January 11, 2017

Choosing book recommendations for President Obama and President-Elect Trump was harder than we expected. What topics should an incoming and outgoing president read about? What books might be entertaining or suit each president’s personal interests? What books do we love and do you love?

Powell’s packed up a selection of books for both the outgoing and incoming Presidents. A few weird choices here, I have to say.

Despite a less-than-ideal environment—no breakout bestsellers on the adult fiction side and a lengthy, brutal election cycle that sucked nearly all of the air out of the cultural conversation—unit sales of print books were up 3.3% in 2016 over 2015.

Tales of the death of the printed word continue to be false.

More specifically, it’s stupid in the way it seems to willfully conflate the idea of protest with the act of censorship (an example of the rather treacherous kind of false equivalency beloved of the right and lazy media these days), which is what makes it hard to see the statement as anything but self-serving.

In today’s episode of “not buying a book is not the same thing as banning a book.”

Titled The Dark Star Trilogy, the three novels (Black Leopard, Red Wolf; Moon Witch, Night Devil; The Boy and the Dark Star) follow three characters — the Tracker, the Moon Witch, and the Boy.

Marlon James is writing a fantasy trilogy for kidssssssss

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