Amazon’s Best-Selling Books of 2016: Critical Linking, January 10, 2017

It should not prove too surprising to anyone familiar with the publishing industry that, in a year that saw two new Harry Potter titles published, one of them would top the print bestseller list.

Not many surprises on the print list of Amazon’s best-selling books, but there are a few on the Kindle list I haven’t heard of–and they’re all from Amazon imprints. Hmm.

Though many of Hinton’s fans are eager to read these shades of queerness in her 50-year-old story, she has repeatedly, and controversially, denied that her characters are gay ― and last week, she went so far as to claim that she was “being attacked for being hetero.”

Abort, S.E. Hinton, abort!

Donald Vass, who has spent the last 26 years mending and tending to books for the King County Public Library system here in the Seattle area, has seen both mechanical and human-inflicted damage and more. At 57 and with not many years left before retirement, he says he believes he will be the last full-time traditional bookbinder ever to take up shears, brushes and needles here.

Right in the feels, this one.

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