The 18 Funniest Books Coming in 2017: Critical Linking, January 3, 2017

Today’s Critical Linking is sponsored by The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson.


Ring in the new year with peals of laughter! From knee-slapping to rip-roaring, 2017 promises a wide range of fresh humor books. With fact, fiction, and even a little bit in between, here are the books we’re most excited to laugh over (with publishers’ descriptions included)!

Out of all these, I’m most looking forward to Gabourey Sidiby’s.

I think this is not a strategic tactic or a credible threat, honestly. Boycotting all of S&S and all their imprints would mean not supporting books like Jesmyn Ward’s The Fire This Time, or Isabell Allende’s The Japanese Lover, to name just two. Those are big names, but there are also countless smaller writers, writers of color, LGBTQ writers, and others who wrote their books and signed their contracts long before Threshold signed Milo. These people didn’t get huge advances.

What to do instead of boycotting Simon & Schuster, which just harms marginalized and small-name authors.

Genealogy sleuths have discovered that Benedict Cumberbatch is directly related to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

It turns out that the star of the hit BBC series Sherlock and the author who created Sherlock Holmes more than 100 years ago are 16th cousins, twice removed, according to researchers at


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