Fastest Way to Alphabetize Your Books: Critical Linking, November 30, 2016

Today’s Critical Linking is sponsored by Searching for John Hughes by Jason Diamond.


Never considered that there could be more than one method to alphabetizing, but here we go!

It’s a bookstore, yes, but it’s also a restaurant. It has the latest James Patterson — and it also has a 3,000 square foot outdoor patio with bocce ball courts. A fire pit — and a classics line. Craft beers on tap — and books of Arts & Crafts on the shelf.

The fanciest new Barnes and Noble–with a restaurant–is open in New York!

Dear President Obama,

We the undersigned are American writers of nonfiction, fiction, poetry, drama, and of genres unclassifiable — such as this letter to our president.

We are writing you in request of a pardon for Edward Snowden.

Some huge names here.

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