4 Minutes of Andy Rooney Complaining About Hemingway: Critical Linking, November 29, 2016

Today’s Critical Linking is sponsored by Searching for John Hughes by Jason Diamond.


Here are four minutes of Andy Rooney bitching about Hemingway, you are welcome.

A young Syrian reader who recently received a Harry Potter e-book from JK Rowling herself, no longer has a home.


So many of us have stood up for the marginalized, but never expected to be here ourselves. It happened to us overnight, not for anything we did wrong but for what we know is right. Our first task is to stop shaming ourselves and claim our agenda. It may feel rude, unprofessional and risky to break the habit of respecting our government; we never wanted to be enemies of the state. But when that animosity mounts against us, everything we do becomes political: speaking up or not speaking up. Either one will have difficult consequences. That’s the choice we get.

Barbara Kingsolver on Trump’s America and where we go from here.

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