First Public Library Brings Excitement to Small Town & More Critical Linking

“We have been just noticing in the community in the past couple of years of how there needs to be new life in the community and this library is part of that,” said Dan Mays.

The life-long resident and his wife feel inspired when they walk in with their newborn son, Ty.

“We’re excited to bring him here and it’s a place to continue to learn even outside of school, and the betterment of him and his classmates,” Mays said.

It’s so nice to read a story about a town getting their first library and how excited the residents are for it.


The words of Jane Austen, Edgar Allan Poe, and Emily Dickinson are immortalized in their classic novels and poems, and now, book lovers can take them off the page and turn them into fashion statements. These bold tights, featured over at My Modern Met Selects, incorporate passages and illustrations from history’s most beloved texts into their designs.

Who else needs some literary tights?


“Dear Sir,” Louisa May Alcott began in a letter to a fan and aspiring writer. “I never copy or ‘polish’ so I have no old manuscripts to send you; and if I had it would be of little use, for one person’s method is no rule for another. Each must work in his own way; and the only drill needed is to keep writing and profit by criticism.” Whatever your writing habits, she continued, write plainly and avoid fanciful language: “Young people use too many adjectives and try to ‘write fine.’ The strongest, simplest words are best, and no foreign ones if it can be helped.”

Write! That! Thing! Advice from authors on how to do it.


Hand lettering designs are everywhere these days. From magazine covers to subway advertisements, all the way to restaurant boards and movie posters, this creative form of expression has truly seeped into the fabric of popular culture. One of the reasons hand lettering is so popular is that it marries words, the building blocks of verbal communication, with a more visual way to represent ideas. A skilled hand letterer can take one phrase and interpret it 100 different ways in their designs — each of those representations then conveying completely different meanings.

On a more basic note, hand lettering done right just looks beautiful. It’s an eye-catching medium for a ton of different projects — everything from wedding invitations, to chalk boards, to book covers, to entire walls in your home. The best part is that unlike other more complicated art forms (calligraphy, I’m looking at you), you can understand the basics and get to lettering pretty quickly. All you need is a couple of hours and a uni-ball pen. This comprehensive guide (most of which was inspired by Mary Kate McDevitt’s class, Hand Lettering Essentials for Beginners) will go over the basics and get you started on your hand lettering adventure in no time.

So this is more “book adjacent” than straight up book news, but this guide to learning hand lettering is too rad not to share here. For those who love good design, want to make some great cards, do some fancy writing — voila!

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