George R.R. Martin on Trump: Critical Linking, November 8, 2016

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In a series of posts on his blog (titled Not a Blog) the bestselling novelist tore into Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, writing, “In my lifetime, there has never been a presidential candidate more unfit to lead this nation.”

If there’s a novelist living who knows what goes into making a horrible head of state, it’s probably George R.R. Martin.

Amazon Rapids is nothing more than a series of text messages disguised as a new way of encouraging kids to read. Go ahead. Download the app, read the sample content and tell me whether you think it’s worth $2.99 a month to expose kids to these “short stories.” I wouldn’t recommend Rapids to kids even if it were offered for free.

Well dang.

It’s called South and West: From a Notebook, and, according to the publisher, Penguin Random House, it’s made up of personal musings jotted down while on a road trip across the American South with her husband. 

Joan Didion has a new book coming out and it’s about my beloved South and I have now died.

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