22 Authors on Trump: Critical Linking, November 7, 2016

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Margaret Atwood: He brings out the temper-tantrum-throwing willful brat in all of us. ‘Why can’t I do what I want? Why can’t I have what I want? Those other people are stopping me. Those other people have a bigger lollipop that I do, I’m going to take their lollipop away from them. … Hillary Clinton is a better man than Trump. She has more connection to the traditional male virtues. She has comported herself in a much more manly fashion.

What 22 of our greatest literary minds think of Trump. We should listen.

Santos wants to provide easier access to books and Bordeaux. She wants to bring “The Lit. Bar,” a bookstore and wine bar, to South Bronx residents in 2017.

The Bronx is losing it’s Barnes and Noble, and maybe gaining an indie?

Natalie Babbitt, a celebrated children’s author and illustrator whose ruminative novel “Tuck Everlasting,” about a family’s immortality, found a fervent readership and inspired two films and a Broadway musical, died on Monday at her home in Hamden, Conn. She was 84.

We’ve lost one of the greats of children’s literature.

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