Haunted US Libraries and More Critical Linking

Some people love libraries so much, they never leave. Though no living human being knows exactly what happens—or doesn’t happen—after death, certain library patrons have reported unnatural, paranormal events occurring within the walls of these four supposedly haunted libraries. Could they be ghosts attempting to check out a new Sci-Fi novel or mischievously disrupting the organized stacks? Or are these sightings and sounds merely natural coincidences? We spoke to these four haunted libraries about their stories, and here’s what they had to say.

Haunted places + libraries = catnip link. Stories like this never get old.


Tucked inside this Cairo establishment is a nondescript room called the “Scream Room,” where Egyptians — young or old — flock to yell away stress.
“It’s good for everyday stress. People go there and scream to let go of their daily problems,” owner Heidi Radwan told CNN. “When Cairo gets too much, and there are too many people around, you can go there and scream in the dark.”


While bookshops are rapidly (and depressingly) disappearing in the real world, cinema has preserved some of the most famous on film. Some of the most interesting bookshops in movies offer tomes on magic and the occult — a portal for film protagonists to find answers about the spooky goings-on around them. Plus, the shops just make for really cool sets. Here are several real-life and fictional occult bookshops in cinema where we would happily browse for books.

Sweeping incorrect generalization opening the piece aside, this is a fun look at occult bookstores in film.


Over 900 items will be offered in the auction, which will be held at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood on Nov. 19 and 20. The first day will feature items from “Twilight,” “New Moon” and “Eclipse,” while the second day will have set pieces from “Breaking Dawn – Part 1” and “Breaking Dawn – Part 2.” No word yet on whether any of the cast members will be present for the auction, which will feature live-bidding as well as phone and online participation.

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