Inbox/Outbox: November 4th, 2016

You know it’s been a good week when you’re home is all tidy and you’re all caught up on laundry plus you finished two books.

Inbox (Books Acquired)

Words in Deep Blue by Cath Crowley (6/17, Knopf)

Crowley’s Graffiti Moon is one of my all-time favorite contemporary YA novels, and when I read the description for her forthcoming novel and discovered it was about love letters left hidden in books in a bookstore plus a family tragedy, I was beyond excited. Expecting more of that certain shade of blue that just rips your heart out. Saving this for a ridiculously long flight next weekend.

The Wanderers by Meg Howrey (3/17, G.P. Putnam’s Sons)

I’ve been kinda obsessed with stories about Mars since the beginning of this year when I volunteered to give a presentation at work on the history of Mars in fiction that resulted in this timeline, so a literary mashup of The Martian and Station Eleven about three astronauts auditioning to be the crew on the first mission to Mars was a welcome addition to my TBR.

Outbox (Book Finished)

A Bollywood Affair by Sonali Dev (audiobook)

I read The Bollywood Bride a few months ago and fell in love, so when I was looking to start a new audiobook I snagged this from the library. Let me tell you, I spent the whole day cleaning my apartment, it was so good. The Indian cultural elements add another dimension to the story and the situations that conspire to keep the hero and heroine apart don’t feel as contrived as those in all the other contemporaries I’ve read. If you like slow-burning love stories, definitely check this out. I’d also recommend anything narrated by Priya Ayyar—I also really enjoyed her performance of The Star-Touched Queen, and will look for more by her.

Vampire in Love: Stories by Enrique Vila-Matas, translated by Margaret Jull Costa

This collection combines two of my favorites: short stories translated from the Spanish, and a literary take on vampires in the titular story. These stories made an evening at the laundromat actually enjoyable. 

In the Queue (What I’m Reading Next)

The Animators by Kayla Rae Whitaker (11/16, Random House)

Outsiders who meet at art school and bond over comic books and dysfunctional families. It’s like this book was written for me.


What are you reading this weekend? What should I add to my TBR?

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