Marlowe Officially Credited As Co-Author Of Shakespeare Plays: Critical Linking, October 25, 2016

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Oxford University Press has announced that its new edition of the complete works of William Shakespeare will credit Christopher Marlowe as a co-author on the three Henry VI plays.


When the two writers met in person, writes Lucinda Hawksley at the BBC, Poe “was enchanted to discover [Grip, the character] was based on Dickens’s own bird.”

Dickens! Had a pet! Raven! That Poe! Met!

All right Stephen King fans, you’re getting a serious piece of Easter Eggery this fall. One Beryl Evans, known in the The Waste Lands (the third book in the Dark Tower series) as the author of Charlie the Choo-Choo, has apparently popped over to our dimension long enough to write us our own version of the children’s tale!

A Stephen King children’s book? I…don’t know about that.

Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence is set to play Jazz Age icon Zelda Fitzgerald in an adaptation of Nancy Milford’s best-seller Zelda, which centers on the socialite and author’s tumultuous life — including her relationship with husband and novelist F. Scott Fitzgerald.




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