The 10 Books President Obama Thinks Everyone Should Read: Today in Critical Linking



But Obama, one of the great orators of modern politics, was influenced by great authors long before he got national security clearance. In our November issue, the president gave WIRED a crash course in the books that shaped him.

Needs no introduction: the 10 Books President Obama Thinks Everyone Should Read.

The long-held suggestion that Christopher Marlowe was William Shakespeare is now widely dismissed, along with other authorship theories. But Marlowe is enjoying the next best thing – taking centre stage alongside his great Elizabethan rival with a credit as co-writer of the three Henry VI plays.

The lengths we go to try to get our heads around the magnitude of Shakespeare is truly astonishing.

Boys, of every age, no matter the nature of the literature before them, typically read less thoroughly than girls.

They take less time to process the words, lazily skipping parts with abandon. And they choose books that are too easy for them, meaning they fail to move on to tougher material, it is claimed.

Big new study out of the UK suggests that the way boys read is meaningfully different than the ways girls do. No suggestion of why, though.

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